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NetSuite Implementation

With years of experience, TrueVant's fully NetSuite certified staff have developed a sophisticated process of implementing NetSuite. The implementation process consists of a number of steps. It is important to us that we provide a preview of the system to you. After the Business Requirements process, our team will setup the system to give you a good look and feel of your system before starting the main build. This will allow us to make necessary changes to deliver a system that best suits your needs. This is then followed by a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process where various elements of the system are tested based on your unique business processes and tweaked for optimal use. Once the system build and UAT is complete, you will be able to go-live with the system. We perform post go-live reviews to ensure optimal usage of the system and identify areas for possible optimization.

If you wish to discuss the full details behind each of the processes, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to go through them in detail.

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Business Review

Whether new to NetSuite or existing NetSuite user, our highly experienced team members are happy to review your current processes and propose changes in system or business. Through a number of workshops with the head of process owners, we are able to obtain the detailed information we need. This feeds the proposed optimization and changes to current processes.


Bespoke Training

Although NetSuite is an easy to use system, it can be challenging to implement and at the same time train your staff on NetSuite. We are here to help you train the staff. Our various types of training types will help your staff get up to speed with the new system and processes. Training can be performed either as a Train-the-Trainer, Classroom Training, or One-on-One sessions.



We provide different levels of support services. Depending on the complexity of your requirement and system setup, we will propose the right level of support. Whether it is a quick "how-to" or "curiosity" question, we'll be able to help you with your query.


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If you have detailed questions or just a quick question, feel free to get in touch with us.


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