NetSuite Customisations and Integrations

NetSuite Customisations and Integrations

SuiteCloud is a comprehensive offering of cloud development tools, applications and infrastructure that enables customers and software developers to maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

SuiteFlow: Workflow Engine

  • SuiteFlow’s easy-to-use point-and-click tools give users the freedom to customize and automate business processes within NetSuite and between other business systems

SuiteScript: Application Development

  • SuiteScript allows developers and administrators to create flexible logic within NetSuite to accommodate specific business needs, from cultivated processes to brand new applications. Built on industry-standard JavaScript, SuiteScript enables full-featured application-level scripting capabilities throughout the entire software suite.

SuiteTalk: Web Services

  • The SuiteTalk Web Services tool features a full complement of SOAP Web Services across the suite and a framework that supports lightweight REST-based integration. This makes it easy for NetSuite to integrate with existing on-premise investments and thirdparty cloud applications. Developers and customers can utilize this tool to build valuable website-to-NetSuite integrations and to create lightweight custom mobile applications.

Key Benefits of NetSuite Customisations and Integrations:

  • Easily create business processes such as lead nurturing, collections management, sales discounting approvals, purchase order approvals and more.
  • Schedule workflows to run automatically and define the events that trigger or initiate workflows.
  • Specify the conditional actions that occur at various stages and efficiently manage each state that the record passes through in the course of the workflow
  • Complete set of flexible scripting models supports customization needs such as user event-based scripts, scheduled scripts, client-side scripts and portlet scripts.
  • Scripting models support customizations as functions of workflow-based actions.
  • Debugger features controlled code execution such as step in, step out and step over, as well as execution logs, resolution of local variables, watches and break points.
  • Enables integration using Java, Microsoft .NET or any other development language that supports SOAP-based Web Services.
  • RESTlet framework allows developers to define their own procedures for standard REST functions such as POST, PUT, GET and DELETE.

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