NetSuite Dunning

NetSuite Dunning

NetSuite Dunning allows you to setup multiple levels of dunning. Each level of dunning can have their own set of rules. Multiple levels of dunning can be combined and assigned to a specific customer. This allows you to identify which customers should be dunned and how many levels of dunning should be performed for them. With customizable email templates, you will be able to create dunning level specific email templates where the customer name and certain other information can automatically be sourced in from the customer record. Dunning communication sent from NetSuite will also be tracked against the customer record for future references.

Key Benefits of NetSuite Dunning:

  • Multiple level of dunning.
  • Dunning Rules by Currency.
  • Dunning Templates by Language.
  • Attach Copies of Invoices.
  • Attach Customer Statement.
  • Ability for different set of levels and rules for each customer.
  • Ability to stop and pause dunning by customer.
  • Ability for different dunning rules by subsidiary.
  • Send dunning automatically or review before sending.
  • Highly customizable Email Template including salutation (Mr, Mrs, Miss).
  • Ability to print dunning letters to send by mail.
  • Track dunning email communication on customer record.

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