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Our Services

Business Process Workshops

It is important to us that your systems is setup to provide you maximum benefit. That is why we hold sessions where we work with you to understand your business processes. These sessions provide us with a detailed understanding of your business which allows us to identify areas which can be optimised. Our team is then able to analyse your current setup and provide suggestions on areas of improvements and how to best tackle them.

NetSuite Implementation

Based on years of NetSuite implementation experience, our team has developed a number of implementation processes. After carefully reviewing the current structure of your company and your goal, our team will be able to propose the best implementation process. Our processes allow you to test, review, and make changes to the system setup even deeper in the implementation processes.

NetSuite Integrations and Celigo

It is common for businesses to use various tools. These tools may be powerful in the areas they are designed for. However, the real benefits are reaped when the various systems integrate with each other without having to manually transfer data between them. Whether it is an external CRM, Expense Management, PSA, or any other system that needs to interact with NetSuite, our team is able to identify the best structure to ensure smooth data flow between the systems and develop the integration. For more complex integrations, our team is able to make sue use of Celigo integrator.

NetSuite Project Recovery and Rescue

Whether the implementation has taken an unexpected turn, delivered with unsatisfactory quality, or just abandoned, we have been exposed to numerous such scenarios. Our team is able to review the current stage of the implementation and identify the best path forward. In addition, we provide support before, during, and post go-live to ensure a smooth transition.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Please reach out to us to find out more about our implementation process and how we ensure NetSuite fits into your wider business Information Ecosystem.

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